Olomouc, Ukraine − “Thank you, thank you”, the chorus young participants say, smiling from ear to ear, while holding Christmas presents. Among them is a little girl – a gift of this size she will not be able to raise, but refusing help, she moves it across the ground. She is very focused while doing it. At the beginning of January, the Archdiocese Caritas of Olomouc distributed Christmas gifts to children from low-income families and children from orphanages in Ukraine. For them, they were packed by individuals, families, but also by companies and various charities from across the Czech Republic. Thus, they made happy 381 children from Lopatin, Bortniki, Ternopil and Kolomyia. “Some children had their eyes shining like a Christmas tree lights, and when we called their names, they even started running for the gift. Seeing how much joy it brings them gives us a lot of strength to help young Ukrainians in the future”, said Christina Novodvorska, who is the coordinator of the Archdiocese Caritas of Olomouc project.

The first stop was Lopatin village. There, children from low-income families come to the Caritas-supported cafeteria every day. Some families are so financially insecure that they are left with no money for daily lunches for their children. Little girl named Tatiana took a big box full of presents. This brave girl has a fourth operation ahead of her, she does not hear in one ear, but despite this, she is very fond of singing and wins one singing contest after another.

The guys from the family home in Bortniki were also very happy. Recently, a couple of new boys have moved into the house, who have been through gift giving for the first time.

“In Ternopil, we were surprised by a mother with five children who sang carols in Czech for us, such as “Silent Night ” or “Christ was born”. All five children are talented and attend music school “, explained Christina Novodvorska.

Then in Ternopil a little Catherine came for a gift  . “Thank you for the work you do and I wish you good health. I really want you to continue helping Ukraine”, the girl said.

But not only do the children enjoy the gifts, the older lady picked up a gift for her wheelchair-bound grandson. She was pleased and thanked us for giving the boy something nice.

On the Christmas Eve, the Caritas team went to Kolomyia. “When we were leaving the Kolomyya caritas, there were many children walking down the street carrying large boxes. They all laughed and couldn’t wait until they unpacked their presents”, said Christina Novodvorska while smiling. In Kolomyya, members of the Caritas team also visited a local orphanage.

Czech donors send Christmas presents to Ukrainian children from needy families every year. This is the eleventh year of giving. How happy this made the children people can find out in the ARCHIVE, where the photos of the donation are published.

Dear donors, you made hundreds of needy children happy. Thanks to you, they had an unforgettable Christmas. Thank you.

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