Ukraine – Singing, rhythms, beating hearts, joy. Children from the Ukrainian villages of Bortnyky and Lopatyn, who have long been supported by the Czech Archdiocesan Charity Olomouc with Czech donors, thanks to an international project have tried to be singers. Together they recorded Spivanka in the studio, the record will be released online in January 2020. People will be able to download the song and pay for it at www.heartcore-records.com.

Their contributions will support a children’s home in Bortnyky, where they want to equip a music classroom for boys. Monthly project excited children. Likewise, Czech music producer Michaela Bóková, who worked with them. “Since the children of Bortnyk regularly and actively participate in liturgies and various church festivals, they are very skilful singers among them, and I was very pleased. The girls from Lopatyn were honestly led by our singing teacher and the work with them was easy and pleasant, ”says the project coordinator.

The Heartcore project for Ukraine is carried out by the Berlin independent publishing house Heartcore Records, which aims to promote music education for children around the world. The boys from Bortnyky and the girls from Lopatyn thus met with specialists during singing and music lessons in August to shoot the Spivanka together in Lviv. “The song Spivanka comes from the archives of the Ukrainian jazz singer Ganna Gryniva. She lives in Berlin, but has spent a lot of time recording folk songs from the Carpathian region. Spivanka impressed me with its musical and semantic content. It tells the story of the creation of the world and man, ” says Michaela Bóková, adding that the lecturers took out four introductory stanzas from the original version, but they will include them into a jazz alternative arrangement.

The Heartcore project diversified the summer for the boys in the children’s home in Bortnyky. Twenty-five of them attended individual and common singing lessons almost every day. “They learned different songs, tried to write their own music and create songs. It was very good that the boys sang chorus and learned how to work together. For many of them, the project highlighted their talent, and the recording in the studio as well as the presence of volunteers made them happy, ”said Ruslan Markiv, head of the orphanage.

Heartcore also pleased village Lopatyn. “Our girls recorded one song for the village of Lopatyn inaddition to a song with the boys of Bortnyky,” adds Olesya Zhupnyk from the fund “Children in Need”. Although the project and the lessons are over, the Lopatyn children live by the music and occasionally organize small concerts for their neighbors and other village residents.

The final recording in the professional studio was attended by 14 Bortnyky boys and 4 Lopatyn girls.

Karolína Opatřilová,
Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc

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