On Thursday 8th April 2021 another package with material aid was sent to Ukraine. It contains almost five tons of material, including medical supplies and equipment. Material aid also consists of shoes and clothes for both adults and children. The destination of this package is the Ukrainian city Kolomyia in which the distribution to the people in need will be taken care of by local Caritas.

As per usual in past years we are sending medical supplies to Ukraine. Delivery beds to ensure the comfort and safety of a woman in labour, CombiSets which contain basic needs for outpatient care or diapers for immobile patients and other useful equipment. Caritas of Kolomyia will distribute everything to regional hospitals and local people. New dental engine and an X-ray set for the dentistry department in Ternopil are in the package as well. Our long-standing partners at Caritas of Ternopil will provide healthcare to people in need for free.

Ukraine faces problems with inaccessible healthcare over a long period of time. The current system of universal healthcare is collapsing and only a small portion of the population can afford supplemental insurance. Most of the actual healthcare is covered by patients themselves who in many cases can’t afford it because of the high rate of unemployment and low standard of life. The consequences can be fatal even when it comes to trivial health issues. The current pandemic crisis only makes the situation worse. We are grateful to our donors for allowing us to send this help to Ukraine.

Delivery beds and other medical material were provided by Tomáš Baťa regional hospital in Zlín.

CombiSets were given to us by HARTMANN – RICO a.s.

Work shoes were donated by companies Prabos plus a.s. and Z- Style CZ a.s.

Clothes for both children and adults were provided by the Centre for material aid of Caritas in Olomouc.

Dagmar Jurčíková, PR

Foto: Pavel Langer

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