Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe with an area of ​​603 628 km2?

Ukrainians consider the town of Rachov as the geographic center of Europe and that during the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918 – 1938) it was part of the country?

Subway station Arsenalna in Kiev is the world’s deepest subway station (105 meters underground)?

The shortest main street of all the world’s capitals, but one of the widest is Khreschatyk St. in Kiev and measures 1 225 meters?

In 1934 in Paris, Ukrainian (below French and Persian) won third place in the most beautiful language competition? The Italian language then overtook the Ukrainian language in the melody of language discipline.

Hollywood actresses Mila Kunis, Mila Jovovic and Olga Kurylenko come from Ukraine?

Regardless of 25 years of independent Ukraine, Europeans still do link Ukraine with Russia? 18% of Europeans believe that the country is a part of the Russian Federation, 46% associate the word Ukraine with war and 9% with poverty.

The longest gypsum cave – Optymistychna Cave – is located in Ukraine and measures 257 km?