Bortnyky village is located in the Lviv region (western part of Ukraine). Population is about 1 000. The name of the village suggests that its inhabitants used to be beekeepers in the ancient times – they used to extract honey from honeycombs found in forest or caves.


Children’s home in Bortnyky.


We have been helping in Bortnyky since 2005. During that time, we have paid for the construction of a sports complex and provided money for improving the quality of life of boys from the children’s home: provision of heating and home repair. In 2019 was implemented the project “Blueberry Farm” . Plantation covering an area of 10 hectares. The basis of the project was the purchase of plants whose crops and sales are to ensure the financial independence of running a children’s home within 3 years.  In 5 years, this income should be able to cover all regular orphanage expenses. Plantation should bear fruit for 40-50 years.


  • financial contribution for the purchase of two houses for two inmates leaving the children’s home.
  • support for children’s home operation, purchase of two staircases.
  • improving the quality of life of boys in children’s homes by financial support for the running costs of the children’s home and the salary of auxiliary staff.
  • contribution to home repairs of children’s home.
  • support for the “Apple Juice Factory” project.
  • project “Car Repair” for teaching boys manual skills. The workshop will also be a source of finances for the operation of the children’ home.
  • several visits where children were given clothing (OP Prostejov sponsorship donation), three computers for teaching and other small gifts.
  • payment of the construction of the sports complex (football, volleyball and basketball courts).
  • donation of sports equipment.
  • providing 30 new beds, bedside tables, bed linen, pillows and blankets.