The annual event Christmas package was founded in 2008 and is very popular among the recipients as well as the donors. Its principle rests on the donations made by the concrete Czech donors to the specific Ukrainian children. Thanks to the long-term cooperation with Ukrainian partners, who makes the selection of children from orphanages and socially disadvantaged families for this program, Czech donors can decide who they would like to make happy. We are delivering more and more Christmas Packages every year, and in 2018 alone we have delivered 414 of them. For many of the children and families the package is a significant material help and it allows them to save up money and use it to pay their electricity bills, rent or buy food. For other children, especially those not living with their parents, the package is a symbolic gesture of the good will of people living in the other parts of the world. For every child this present represents the joy they can share with their loved ones.



Vitalij, 16 years old

When I was 6 years old and my sister was 7, our parents got divorced. Ever since, our father hasn’t communicated with us. 6 years later our mother died and a half year later our grandfather died too. Now, we live in a 2 room-flat with our grandmother Nadiji. Her only income is her pension. I wish to work along with my studies at a vocational school, so I could help my grandmother with shopping or paying the bills… My dream is to finish school.

“Christmas package made me happy because there were school supplies but also sneakers for me to use when I play football which I really enjoy. Thanks to the people who sent the package. It was an unforgettable experience for me.”

Sergij, 8 years old

I wish I had grown up and helped the family as quickly as possible

“I have a big family: it’s my mother, father, brother, sister and grandmother. I help my mum to take care of our grandmother since she’s sick and cannot get out of the bed anymore.

My dad goes to work to Poland because we need to pay for the medications for our grandmother and the sister too. My sister was born without a palate and had to go through lots of operations. I wish I had grown up as quickly as possible, so I could earn some money and help the family. I would buy the most beautiful doll and dresses for my sister.

The box was big and had plenty of gifts inside: a ball, a hat, Minions, Playfoam, pencils, a pencil case and a sharpener. Our whole family started to play with the Playfoam. We were making figurines out of them, it was fun. The gifts were great. Not only I liked them, but they were also needed. Thank you!”

Roman, 11 years old

“We live in a village in a flat with my parents, older brother and younger sister. We live in one room with a kitchen, but the toilet is outside. I have attended the Charity for 3 years and I’m very happy for that.

For the past two years, I’ve got a Christmas package from the Czech donors. It was a big surprise every time, I wasn’t expecting it. The package usually contains seasonal clothes, personal hygiene products, toys and notebooks, pens and other things which I need for school. I thank to all the good people who participate on this Christmas miracle.”