Vrbno pod Pradědem – On Saturday, December 7, the Christmas Kingdom pleased the people of Vrbna pod Pradědem. They send their joy even further. All the way to Ukraine. Their gifts – dolls, balls, board games, art supplies, exercise books, shoes and other great gifts will be handed over by the Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc to children from needy families and orphanages. The collection of gifts was organized by the Association of Friends Vrbenska.

On December Saturday, the square at St. Michael church was filled with festive atmosphere. The gateway to the Christmas Kingdom is a space filled with stalls that conjure the aromas of various goodies and punch. They were made at a local school by the Association of Friends Vrbenska, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. “I’ve been dreaming about the Christmas Kingdom for several years. This year, I managed to realize it for the first time,” − says Karel Michalus, President of the Association, while inviting visitors from the Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc.

Hooray! into a fairy tale! 

Imps, angels, elves, devils, Ivan with Russian beauties and other fairy-tale creatures are running around. “We are helping at Christmas Post, where children can send wishes to Santa. We enjoy helping, it brings us joy,”- say the elves Nela and Julie, together with angel Lucka. Above the kingdom  the sky of Vrbno glows­. People can pin their own star there. There are many nuts hanging here that hide happiness inside of there. Here is also an option to paint your face, compete for the most beautiful Advent wreath or try to do old crafts.

There are tables full of Christmas tree decorations, various ornaments, Advent wreaths, cushions and clothing from the sewing workshop. All this was created by children with mental disabilities, who are studying at Elementary School of Vrnbo and children from orphanages. “The teachers always make a template or design, show the children how to do it, and then they start to create. All these things are their work,” − says methodologist Monika Poláchová.

Donations were received by Khrystyna Novodvorska, Project Coordinator in Ukraine. “Gifts will be distributed in Lopatyna and Kolomyja to children whose families are in need, some of whom have lost one of their parents. The gifts will also delight the boys from the children’s home in Bortnykách. Thank you for thinking of others trying to please them, ”appreciates the goodwill of Vrbensky Khrystyna Novodvorska. The Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc began to help in Ukraine shortly after 1990 and is helping those in need so far. It often does so with the help of donors from all over the Czech Republicy.

Karolína Opatřilová, Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc

Foto: K. Opatřilová, K. Novodvorska, Archdiocesan Caritas Olomouc

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